Why Horsem Horse?

Horsem Horse came about after I wrote a book entitled If Wishes Were Horses.

The purpose of the book was to share my experiences with horses over my lifetime, and how they have influenced every aspect of my life and personal development.  They are particularly skilled at reflecting what I project into the world, and in so doing, are amazing facilitators of introspection, allowing me to truly know myself and assisting me to gain insight into how I relate to others.

I have shared my personal growth story in the hope that it resonates with others, and that you too will consider the wonderful world of horses as an inspirational source of introspection, insight, growth and learning. It is my hope to continue to write inspirational stories of hope and motivation to all who share my passion for these magnificent creatures.

It is also a tribute to my horse, Raise a Phoenix, who is just that – my Horsem Horse. As is the catch phrase “Shore do luff dat hoss“!
Together we hope to bring you many more horsey things in future! Watch this space!